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OVERVIEW - This web site offers a tutorial for learning how to type in Korean - after obtaining the right software and learning the Hangul characters.  Viewing this site does not require any Korean language software.


        1)  Install Korean word processing & web viewing software on your computer.  Pay special attention to whether or not your hardware & software are compatible with the Korean language software that you would like to install.  Also pay very special attention to installation instructions and details on how to use the Korean language software.  There are many resources on the internet for learning Korean, but most of them require that you have special software in order to view the Korean characters.  (Korean Software links - found at "The Korean Keyboard WWW Virtual Library").

       2)  Learn the Korean alphabet - Hangul.  It doesn't take much time  to pick up the most basic level of Korean reading & writing.  Learning a few useful words along with the Korean alphabet also helps put the Hangul in context.    (links to Learning Hangul & Korean - found at "The Korean Keyboard WWW Virtual Library")

       3)  Apply your Hangul knowledge to the keyboardThat is the main purpose of this web site.  This can be challenging since the Korean keyboard does not match phonetically with the standard English keyboard.

The dark lines on these two graphics (shown above & below) divide the consonants (left) and vowels (right) and show correct finger placement for left and right hands. 

Take a look at the following website for a great example of finger placement, then run your mouse pointer over the keyboard shown on the screen --  

The following pages give more details on learning how to type in Korean. 

PAGE 2 - Provides a strategy for memorizing the keyboard.

PAGE 3 - Identifies patterns in the keyboard layout.

PAGE 4 - Gives tips for practice and application.

PAGE 5 - A worksheet for practicing keyboard knowledge.

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- PAGE 1 - PAGE 2 - PAGE 3 - PAGE 4 - Worksheet -

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