Korean Keyboard Resources - Typing tutorials, keyboard graphics, keyboard stickers - for understanding & using the Korean keyboard layout without having to acquire a physical Korean keyboard.

- The Korean Keyboard (CJKboard.com) - A web-based typing tutorial for learning the Korean keyboard, with a worksheet.  Does not require Korean software to view the site.  Typing practice software is available at Heoju.new21 (..but, it's all in Korean) (go HERE for an English translation of that web page) -- A website with typing tutorial software.  Please provide feedback if you try any of the programs at that site.

- Hangul Keys (Declan Software) - A Korean keyboard layout nestled among directions for installing & using Microsoft Global IME.

- How to Read & Write In Korean (University of British Columbia - Korean Language & Literature) - A keyboard layout shown along with directions for installing Global IME.

NEEDS UPDATE - Keyboard Layouts (Macromedia Fontographer) - Japanese & Korean keyboard layouts.

- Keyboard Stickers (Asiasoft) - Koreean keyboard stickers.

- Korean Language Support (University of Surrey - Korean Society) - Gives advice on a number of keyboard and Hangul viewing issues.

NEEDS UPDATE - Office 2000 Visual Keyboard (Microsoft) - Provides an on-screen training aid for typing practice, but only for Microsoft Office 2000.

- Picture of An Old Korean Typewriter (Sigma Institute - Korean Online) - A picture of an old Korean typewriter.

NEEDS UPDATE - Windows XP Visual Keyboard (Microsoft) - On-screen multilingual typing aid for Windows XP.

- Zhuyin & Korean Keyboards (Zsigri.Tripod.com) - Gyula Szigri's keyboards for Taiwan and Korea.

Korean Software, Installation & Use - For word processing, web viewing, e-mail.  Does not require a specialized, commercially produced Korean keyboard.

- CJK Characters in English Windows (Zsigri.Tripod.com) - Gyula Szigri's site for reading & using Chinese, Japanese, & Korean characters in Windows.

- Declan's Reading Korean/Hangul on the Web (Declan Software) - Provides a test as to whether your computer is set up to read Hangul on the internet.

- Declan's Guide - Microsoft IME (Declan Software) - Guide to installing & using Microsoft Global IME for Korean.

- East Asian Languages Computing (University of Washington - East Asia Center) - Wai-keung Chung's web page for computing in Chinese, Japanese, & Korean.

- Global IME Installation (Microsoft) - I recommend you read Declan's Guide - Microsoft IME before going directly to the Microsoft installation site.

- How to Read & Write In Korean (University of British Columbia - Korean Language & Literature) - Directions for installing Microsoft Global IME for Korean.

- Korean Language Support (University of Surrey - Korean Society) - Advice on many Korean language computer issues.

- KoreaWeb.ws - Computing & Tools (Koreaweb.ws) - Frank Hoffman's web page devoted to computing in Korean.

- Netscape Communicator Global IME Support (Netscape) - A guide to Microsoft Global IME if you use Netscape Navigator as your internet browser.

- Office 2000 Visual Keyboard (Microsoft) - Provides an on screen training aid for typing practice, but only for Microsoft Office 2000.

- Optimise Your Browser (Monash University - Korean Studies) - Directions for viewing Korean on the internet.

- Printing Korean (Monash University - Korean Studies) - Some examples of how to change printer settings to print in Korean.

- Read & Write Korean on the Net (Win 98) (Monash University - Korean Studies) - Directions on installing software for use with different browsers for Mac & Windows 98.

NEEDS UPDATE - Setting Up NJStar (Multicultural Australia) - Directions for installation of NJStar, a commercially produced word processing software.

- UniEdit - What is it? (Humanities Computing Laboratory) - An alternative word processing & web viewing software produced at Duke University.

- UniEdit - Typing Korean (Humanities Computing Laboratory) - Directions for how to type in Hangul and Hanja with UniEdit software.

NEEDS UPDATE - Windows 2000 & Korean - (Monash University - Korean Studies) - Directions on installing software for use with different browsers on Windows 2000.

Learning Hangul & Korean - Some of the sites helpful for learning the language basics. Also many good places to look for simple typing practice materials.

- Introduction to Korean (David Eisenberg) - Resources for beginners. Revised since February 2003.

NEEDS UPDATE - DLI-LangNet - (Defense Language Institute) - Language learning resources for all levels.

- Declan Korean Language Page (Declan Software) - Resources for beginners.

- Declan Language Learning Software (Declan Software) - Commercially produced learning aids.

- DLI Lingnet Korean (Defense Language Institute) - A variety of exercises for learning and assessing basic Korean knowledge.  Required password registration in the past, but is now open to the public.

NEEDS UPDATE - DLI Korean Vocab/Grammar Worksheets (from 01 to 41) - Worksheets.  After worksheet #1, requires physically typing in "vocab02.html", "vocab03.html", etc. to reach higher level worksheets.

NEEDS UPDATE - DLI Open Materials (Defense Language Institute) - Resource materials for studying Korean.

NEEDS UPDATE - Korean Online Hangul (Appearance - Structure - Pronunciation - Grammar) (Sigma Institute - Korean Online) - Resources for beginners.

- Korean Studies at Sogang (Sogang University) -  Beginning & intermediate level learning resources.  Registration required for access.  Also provides basic culture lesson.

- Korean Through English (Republic of Korea - Ministry of Culture & Tourism) - Official Korean government site.  Resources for beginners in "chapter" format.

- KOSNET (Republic of Korea - National Institute for International Education Development) - Official Korean government site.  Resources from kindergarten to adult.

NEEDS UPDATE - Monash University - Resources (Monash University - Korean Studies) - Learning, communications, review on learning materials, teaching, etc.

NEEDS UPDATE - Monash University - Virtual Centre (Monash University - Korean Studies) - Resources for beginners & advanced learners.

- Mr Oh's LearnKorean.com (Mr Oh's LearnKorean.com) - Resources for beginners.

NEEDS UPDATE - Reading Korean (The Korean Connection) - Resources for beginners.